The Gatekeeper (Process)

This is a brief look into my creative process.

Gatekeeper Line Drawing

Here I ensure the accuracy of the final thing by measuring, checking and rubbing out the most in the whole process. Some of the lines mark shadow, some mark edge and some texture… I try not to overcomplicate it early on, focussing on the basics.

Filling The Lines

Usually section by section, I start filling the lines with shadows and textures. Often I jump straight into the most important part to avoid it becoming daunting. To prevent smudging I sprayed fixative after finishing each section. This was my favourite part in the process.

Complicated Textures

The water droplets on the character’s raincoat was a new and challenging texture for me to draw. I pre-drew the lines so as to avoid my eyes getting lost and making mistakes when flicking between the drawing and the reference material.

The Finished Piece

After filling everything in, I looked at the image in the mirror to check the composition and tones to tie the piece together. Overall I’m pleased with how the final thing turned out, but in future I would like to rely less heavily on reference material.