Critical Perspectives Academic Poster

This is my academic poster for our university module Visual Culture.

Poster- Critical Perspectives- Body Worlds- Robert Paterson


‘Curiosities’ Project Proposal

Historical Figures With Technology

Final- Emerging Celt (Print)
Emerging Celt Lino-Print

Technology has invaded almost every aspect of our lives… The Grandparent aged quote ‘how do you think we managed in our day’ rings around my head. And it’s a fair question, in an age where we go for a walk in the country and think about taking the perfect instagram snap.

Obviously this complete immersion is only a product of the past 15-20 years… Almost my entire life-span. For my generation our childhoods only just escaped the technology takeover of social networks, immersive game systems and smart phones. I was lucky enough to scrape a childhood of den building and river swimming. My teenage years were not so lucky, and I have genuine concern for the young people of the future.

For future generations it may be difficult to imagine a world without technology, themselves assuming that phones and computers have always existed if they aren’t told otherwise. it is this point that I want to explore.

Of course I must consider the helpful elements of technology as well. Examples include our ability to travel further and faster than any of our predecessors, whether by plane, bus, boat or train or even in the comfort of our own cars; Advances in medical equipment have improved the lives of countless people who might not have had much of a chance in life without; and we’re connected like never before with the Internet.

Showing our escalating reliance, obsession and inescapable attachment to technology, as well as highlighting our taking of it for granted; I aim in an engaging and fun set of drawings and prints to show historical figures using gadgets, in a way that questions some of our 21st century habits.



The Gatekeeper (Process)

This is a brief look into my creative process.

Gatekeeper Line Drawing

Here I ensure the accuracy of the final thing by measuring, checking and rubbing out the most in the whole process. Some of the lines mark shadow, some mark edge and some texture… I try not to overcomplicate it early on, focussing on the basics.

Filling The Lines

Usually section by section, I start filling the lines with shadows and textures. Often I jump straight into the most important part to avoid it becoming daunting. To prevent smudging I sprayed fixative after finishing each section. This was my favourite part in the process.

Complicated Textures

The water droplets on the character’s raincoat was a new and challenging texture for me to draw. I pre-drew the lines so as to avoid my eyes getting lost and making mistakes when flicking between the drawing and the reference material.

The Finished Piece

After filling everything in, I looked at the image in the mirror to check the composition and tones to tie the piece together. Overall I’m pleased with how the final thing turned out, but in future I would like to rely less heavily on reference material.

Location Drawing- My Room (Final Piece)

Before starting the final piece, I shot some photos for reference. After settling on a pose, I began to draw.

IMG_0501 (1)
Final Piece (A2)- Pencil (H, HB, B & 4B)

I am happy with the line drawing, although with more time I would have shaded the picture and possibly added another figure and a background.

I think I’ve captured a likeness, the pose expresses what I wanted and I’m pleased with the line-work used to mark shadow, edge and texture.

Location Drawing- My Room (Items/ Areas)

I tried to ensuring that the project remained observational rather than slipping into the whimsical or emotional.

Bookshelf (A4)- Pencil (6B)
Desk Tidy (A4)-Pencil (H)
Mosaic Bowl (A4)- Pencil (HB)
Salt Lamp (A5)- Coloured Pencils
Mood Lamp (A5)- Coloured Pencils


Location Drawing- My Room (Reflection)


Reflective Surveillance From The 10th Floor (A3)- Pencil (H), Ballpoint Pen & Marker Pen
Fighting Poses (A3)- Pencil (HB)


Bedroom Textures Grille And Wallhanging (A2)- Pencil (H, HB, B, 2B, 4B & 6B)
Bedroom Textures Mildew (A3)- Pencil (H, HB, 2B, 4B, & 6B)
Sleep (A3)- Pencil (H)



Location Drawing- My Room (Painting, Drawing & History)


At The Easel (A3)- Biro Pen

Since I was a child I have been fascinated with ancient and medieval history and throughout the term I have been listening to The History Of Rome whilst I work, a fantastic podcast series that I highly recommend.

Centurion (A4)- Pencil (H) & Digital Enhancement

More often I am using digital elements to tweak my work.

Lead Roman Figurine One (A5)- Pencil (H & B)
Lead Roman Figurine Two (A5)- Ballpoint Pen
IMG_0348 (1)
Coming To Life (A3)- Pencil (H)

One of my favourite concepts is the combining of historical figures and technological gadgets. In this case a Celtic Warrior clambers out of my iPad screen.

Although no different in the use of line drawing, this is the piece I’m most proud of so far in the project. I have taken a concept (combining history and tech), applied it to a specific idea (listening to history podcasts via my iPad) and executed it successfully combining relevant reference material.