Location Drawing- My Room (Final Piece)

Before starting the final piece, I shot some photos for reference. After settling on a pose, I began to draw.

IMG_0501 (1)
Final Piece (A2)- Pencil (H, HB, B & 4B)

I am happy with the line drawing, although with more time I would have shaded the picture and possibly added another figure and a background.

I think I’ve captured a likeness, the pose expresses what I wanted and I’m pleased with the line-work used to mark shadow, edge and texture.


Location Drawing- My Room (Items/ Areas)

I tried to ensuring that the project remained observational rather than slipping into the whimsical or emotional.

Bookshelf (A4)- Pencil (6B)
Desk Tidy (A4)-Pencil (H)
Mosaic Bowl (A4)- Pencil (HB)
Salt Lamp (A5)- Coloured Pencils
Mood Lamp (A5)- Coloured Pencils


Location Drawing- My Room (Reflection)


Reflective Surveillance From The 10th Floor (A3)- Pencil (H), Ballpoint Pen & Marker Pen
Fighting Poses (A3)- Pencil (HB)


Bedroom Textures Grille And Wallhanging (A2)- Pencil (H, HB, B, 2B, 4B & 6B)
Bedroom Textures Mildew (A3)- Pencil (H, HB, 2B, 4B, & 6B)
Sleep (A3)- Pencil (H)



Location Drawing- My Room (Painting, Drawing & History)


At The Easel (A3)- Biro Pen

Since I was a child I have been fascinated with ancient and medieval history and throughout the term I have been listening to The History Of Rome whilst I work, a fantastic podcast series that I highly recommend.

Centurion (A4)- Pencil (H) & Digital Enhancement

More often I am using digital elements to tweak my work.

Lead Roman Figurine One (A5)- Pencil (H & B)
Lead Roman Figurine Two (A5)- Ballpoint Pen
IMG_0348 (1)
Coming To Life (A3)- Pencil (H)

One of my favourite concepts is the combining of historical figures and technological gadgets. In this case a Celtic Warrior clambers out of my iPad screen.

Although no different in the use of line drawing, this is the piece I’m most proud of so far in the project. I have taken a concept (combining history and tech), applied it to a specific idea (listening to history podcasts via my iPad) and executed it successfully combining relevant reference material.

Location Drawing- My Room (Bass Guitar)

I started the project by focussing on what I spend a lot of my time doing, playing bass. I was glad to be working with a theme that I was able to chose myself and have more control over than the previous two projects.

Tuning (A3)- Pencil (H)
Setup (A3)- Pencil (H)
Playing (A3)- Ballpoint Pen
Loosey Goosey (A3)- Graphite Stick (9B)
In Concentration (A3)- Pencil (H & 6B)

In this first stage I decided that wanted my work to largely consist of line-drawings. I also planned for the work to be figurative, as this is what I strive for. I enjoyed the freedom of using a larger A3 sketchbook.

After these initial drawings I felt committed to the project and got stuck in.