Triptych Number Three- Skylines

The element that links the three of my 100 drawings that I chose for this particular piece is that they all are urban skylines of various scales.


Three of the 100 Drawings chosen for the Skylines Triptych

I knew that this would be the most challenging of the three triptychs, as I am the least familiar with lino- printing, the technique that I wanted to explore when creating the pieces. I did however learn the most from this technique…

first of all I had some linoleum ready to use but it was literally the type that’s used on kitchen floors, I quickly learnt the difference between that and the artist standard. Secondly I realised that it’s far easier to pre-plan a printing session in advance so as to be the most productive. Finally I learnt the actual processes behind cutting and then printing.

The Skylines Triptych

The right and left pieces were created using the floor lino whereas the middle panel was made using artist standard, straight away you can tell the difference in the quality of the print. The textured surface of the kitchen lino was difficult to cut and came out looking blemished, a blunder that I used (I think) to my advantage in that they look symmetrical as a triptych and add to the atmosphere and visual interest of the pieces.

I preferred both cutting and printing with the better lino however as it wasn’t so difficult to cut and you have more control over how the piece will turn out.

I do plan to explore further with lino as a medium and although I’m not particularly proud of how these pieces turned out, I think the exercise was a success due to the amount I learnt from it.


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