Location Drawing- My Room (Foreword)

By this point in the course I was up to date and had produced what I thought was a lot of work. Starting a project late has been a persistent problem throughout my education so far. Until now the reason has been elusive, but I have discovered it. It stems from an unwillingness to become inevitably absorbed by the project… Once I start I find it difficult to think about much else other than it. Now that I know this, I can find ways of working around or with it. This was the first setback in the project before I had even begun, by procrastinating and therefore adding to the time constraint.

The final project was to select a location in Bristol and base a project on it, as a bid to integrate us into our new home for the next three years.

My ‘false start’ and second setback for the project came in the fact that the security in my chosen location had tightened up due to the Paris attacks… I was no longer allowed to pass through the gate without a ticket and was asked not to take any reference photos of the location for security reasons. A sad state of affairs.

I had to return to the drawing board. My third setback occurred at this stage in the form of two funerals, one of a family member and another of a friend.

By this point I was in trouble in terms of having whittled my time down to a dauntingly short period.

As I saw it I had to think of somewhere extremely local that was easily accessible. Settling in to the City was my main goal for the first term, and by this point (near the end of the term) I had began this process but not gotten as far as I hoped. The reasoning being that I spent so much time in my university bedroom…

This was to be my location. I would evaluate why I spent so much time there and look for solutions to the seeming problem of it.


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