Visiting Lecturer- Thomas Denny (Stainglass)

Enjoyed this lecture at the Arnolfini building from one of the UK’s leading Stainglass artists.

My lecture notes and some images by Denny are below, enjoy!

– Taught in university (Edinburgh) by doing rather than talking.

– Painting as a fundamental to stain glass… Design, colour, drawing etc.

– Difference is painting embodies all elements, stain glass has more constraints.

– Durham Cathedral- visit.

– Bringing together of a story.

– Absorb the abstract elements before looking at the themes.

– Acid etching, painting and staining are among some of the techniques used.

– Colour relating to the surrounding building/ setting.

– Medieval stain glass- series add up to a larger story.

– Many elements connecting.

– Start with sheets of glass (Lambert’s- Bavaria)

– Cut line- pre drawing.

– Use of colour coding to work out acid etching.

– Burn through glass using acid to dilute colours.

– After acid etching you get a clumsy/ blurred version of final thing.

– Transferring written words to images (illustration?)

– Leads (supporting pieces) don’t dominate the image.

– Combining layers of glass changes and adds colour.

– Colour theory.

– Make colour happen then add drawing later.

– Commission based work, Large and small scale.

– Triptych and diptych based, with the separation of Windows.

– Focus on image as a whole and small details.

– Viewer to explore and ponder small details.

– Useful but non valuable pre drawings.

– Often in remote and obscure places.

– Building a story or a narrative often relating to locality.

– Very much abstract until you look closer. Mass of colour.

– Pigment and gum Arabic as pre colour (opaque).



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